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Name: Andrew Hayes

Location: Dayton, Ohio​

Species: Largemouth, Smallmouth, Musky

Favorite Way to Fish: Kayak or wading

Technique of Choice: Anything topwater

Personal Best Bass: 6lbs 12oz

Bucket List Fish: Peacock Bass

Best Fishing Memory: My first Musky

Go-To Fishing Snack: Blue Powerade

Fishing Superstition: Lucky Bass Pro hat



Long story short, I looked far and wide for a bass fishing podcast that I liked and just couldn't find one with the perfect mix of fishing tips, gear reviews, news, and interesting guests. So I made my own! Since the first episode on September 25, 2019, we have grown this show by being different!

So here are my promises to you, the listener:

I promise you will get tips and advice that MAKES SENSE. We won't talk over your head. We will break down techniques in language you can understand and apply while out on the water.

I promise that you will hear UNBIASED (yes, truly unbiased) opinions on gear. We talk about ALL brands, unlike most shows that only talk about their sponsors. No matter your experience or budget, we will be a voice you can trust.

I promise you will hear interesting one-on-one conversations with original guests from all over the industry. We talk with professional anglers, companies, content creators and everyone in-between.

And most importantly: I promise you will get a genuine, sincere, and professionally produced fishing show each and every Tuesday! I will always come prepared with tips, news, reviews, deals, and thought-provoking content that will help make you a better angler!

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